photo credit:©Christian Roth Christensen

photo credit:©Christian Roth Christensen

A month before his 20th birthday in the year of 2002.

Goran Conradsen stepped on the train for the one and a half hour journey.

From the sleepy suburbs of Eik to Oslo, the capital of Norway.

With just a guitar, a multieffects pedal and an admission for the University of Oslo.

I'm the first to admit I was quite naive at the time.

I thought I could move to Oslo and put a band together.

With all members sharing my musical vision within a month or two.

A bit like how Brian Jones put together the Stones.

At the time I didn't have the music skills to match my vision,

or find anyone who shared my musical ideas. Fast forwards to 2010.

After a couple of band attempts that failed after a couple of concerts.

I got pretty disillusioned by putting up notices of looking for band members.

So I made a conscious decision I had enough of rehearsing five weeks with five people.

Who had no interest in the same music as me.

I bought a computer and sound card and some effect pedals.

I then decided I was going to produce songs instead of performing them.

So I started Beerenberg named after a volcano on the island of Jan Mayen.

It was a duo of me and Jon on percussion. We got some radio play,

but I was quit disappointed after finding out there was a sport brand,

as well as an oil company with the same name.

So I knew I needed a new name.

I wanted to call the band Spring Vibes, but after going online there's tons of bands called that.

So I added the Arkestra bit. I always been a fan of soul music and female soul groups,

as well as songs with male and female vocals.

It just give the songs more dynamics and variations.

But I didn't really know that many female singers who was into the same music as me.

As luck would have it I was out on a Friday in Oslo at Revolver and I met Siri Katinka Valdez.

I knew her from the time she was playing bass and sang for the post-punk band JuJu-Queens in the early 2000's. It took some persuasion to get her to join the project.

She wasn't in a band at the time and had just became an acclaimed writer,

releasing her first short story collection on Gyldendal Norsk Forlag.

The first song we recorded as Spring Vibes Arkestra was The Psychedelic Summer Girl.

It was played by the legendary Norwegian broadcaster Harald Are Lund on his show on NRK (Norwegian National Broadcasting).

Spring Vibes Arkestra released their debut album Late Nights & Lazy Afternoons in 2016.

- The result is ten tracks that are subtle, shimmering and unusual as they traverse across neo-psych, retro jazz/ soul terrain. - LittleIndieBlogs January 2016

Later that year they released their second album George & Jaqueline - A Love Story Set in Kaleidoscope Dreams. Which was recorded as the soundtrack to an imaginary movie.

-They definitely have a psychedelic mind - Record Collector #460, Desember 2016

Their third Album Space Observatory followed in 2017 along with a remix version four months later.

- offers a winsome take on exotica with whispers of early 2010's chillwave and Elephant 6 indie psych. - Wire, March 2018

Sounds of Architecture their fourth album will be released on Friday 31.January 2020